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Tools and instruments


Mobile network testing – TEMS™ Pocket

One of the most well-known and most widely used solutions for verifying services on mobile radio networks, optimizing and troubleshooting potential problems is TEMS ™ Pocket, which is an upgrade on the mobile phone platform. The solution is particularly suitable for testing the quality of service in an indoor environment.
It is used as a standalone device or as part of broader system solutions, within multiplatforms for backpacks, vehicles etc. as an enviroment for centralized TEMS Director system..


Analysers of TV, cable and satellite channels

The RANGER Neo TV, cable and satellite analyzer family consists of different versions of multifunction analyzers that combine measurements of TV signals (DVB-T / T2), cable (C2), satellite (S2), WiFi signals, digital broadcasting (DAB / DAB ) as well as IPTV signals.
The newest member of the analyzer family is CABLE RANGER 3.1, which includes DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1 analysis for HFC networks


Antenna alignment tool

An antenna directional tuning instrument of particular importance for mobile network base station installers. It is equipped with a camera, a pointing device for marking the target direction, GPS. Highly viewed display and RF Vision software package that enables connection and control via Blutooth as well as devices running Android and iOS.