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CRONY history

Celebrated 25 years of the company, nov 2016

1991 – Company founding and first successes with the products of Racal Instruments, Hellermann, ADC and RS Components; 
2001 – First important success with RFS, Fimo and  Avitec products – mobile radio network equipment
2002 – Significant successes with Blankom, CommScope, Cabelcon, Alpha products - equipment for cable distribution systems
2003 – First important success with products for building up fiberoptik networks (optical distribution frames, optical closures)
2005 – Moving to a new own office building at its current address
2008 – First success with Draka fiberoptic cables
2010 – Starting of pioneering activities in the field of FTTH equipment
2013 – First success in energy sector with ZTT products (OPGW, ACS)
2015 – Introduction special security equipment in product range  ...


CRONY today

CRONY is one of the most important suppliers of products for building up of telecommunication network and a significant supplier of power grid equipment, as well as associated, measuring equipment and specialized tools. (List of customers).
Established business cooperation with a large number of manufacturers – worldwide brands from their portfolio.


CRONY business orientation – products portfolio

•    Passive and active equipment for construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks 
•    Equipment for building power networks
•    Measurement and monitoring equipment in telecommunications and power networks
•    Standard and special tools
•    Specialized software packages and software support for delivered equipment
•    After sales support, servicing, training
•    Design and construction of partiocular segments of telecommunication networks
•    Defence and security equipment and equipments for industry processes


CRONY mission, vision

Leading role in the field of telecommunications in the markets of Serbia and neighboring countries.
Promotion and market introduction of state-of-the-art solutions and new technologies in the field of telecommunications under the motto:



CRONY human Resources

CRONY has a policy of great importance to the professional competence of employees. Sales and technical support are always hired by highly qualified specialists who, in cooperation with the principals, are additionally trained to work with the equipment they supply and thus are ready to respond at any time to the customer's requirements regarding the choice of equipment, design, installation, maintenance of installed equipment and, where necessary, training of equipment users.


CRONY certificates

Management systems certificates:


SRPS ISO 9001:2015

SRPS ISO 14001:2015

SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008

SRPS ISO 27001:2014

Business excellence certificate


SME Serbian Chamber of commerce certificate

CRONY documents

Identification document

VAT registration form PEPDV